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How to detox your Dopamine ?

As we know, Dopamine is a happy hormone and everyone crave for it unknowingly in the form of entertainment, food, pleasure etc. So you might be wondering why to detox dopamine when it is essential to stay happy. Following are the advantages of detox:

  1. In order to stay highly focused and grow faster.
  2. To boost your Dopamine aggressively after the detox. As you know, more you resist something , more the pressure builds up.
  3. It works like a catapult, more you pull back, more far it goes. Same way if you resist something for long period, it will crave for more.
  4. You can spike up your Dopamine level.
  5. It works like a feedback loop, one turns on another. For example , when you detox , you could able to work more efficiently as you don’t have anything to get distracted. And after detox you have a reward waiting for, to increase your Dopamine level. So you get 2 benefits one is the work satisfaction and second is dopamine booster dose.

Tips to detox your dopamine:

✓ No social media for 1 week. Hide or uninstall all social media accounts.

✓ Dont watch television for a week.

✓ Don’t eat Chocolates or sweets.

✓ Dont listen to any kind of music, try to be silent.

✓ Don’t dance.

✓ No movies for a week.

✓ Don’t do anything that gives pleasure or kick starts your Dopamine.

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