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Micro habits that can damage your brain

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Staying in the dark :
Staying indoor or in the dark area too much can cause havoc to your brain cells. Since our body energizes itself through sun light. If you don’t spend enough time outside during the day. Your body starts depleting it’s stored energy. .
Drinking less water:
We all know our muscles need water to function properly as brain controls the muscles , if it is not properly hydrated. It will be difficult to have mind muscle connection. And also you start getting cramps.
Too much sugar consumption:
Eating too much of sugar can destroy your brain cells. As we know our brain needs proper nutrients to function effectively, when blood sugar is too high our body doesn’t absorbs all the required nutrients from the food. So less nutrients in the blood stream reduces less flow of nutrients to the brain.

Listening to loud music
Do not listen to music wearing your ear phone with increased volume, it damages your brain. The reason being is simple, if we hear with loud music , we are most likely to get hearing loss. Brain has to work really hard to understand what is being said as it could not store what’s being heard in to the memory. So this causes to get diseases such as Alzheimer’s during our old age.
Junk food
Eating junk food such as fried items, potato chips, hamburgers and soft drinks etc ,worsens your brain functionalities such as memory, focus and mental health.
Not Moving your body
If you don’t exercise or move your body enough, you are likely to get diabetes, blood pressure , heart disease which in turn affects the brain causing you diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep causes dementia which in turn might trigger diseases like Alzheimer’s. Body recovers itself when we sleep. So, when you don’t sleep enough there are much chances of increasing your stress level , that may cause mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.
Spending lot of Alone time
If you are an overthinker and spend lot of time in worrying. You are more likely to get mental health issues such as depression, anxiety.
In other case, if you are spiritual person and who likes to meditate without worrying much , then Alone time is the best time. As it can calm your mind and restores your depleted energy.
Covering your head while Sleeping
Brain needs more oxygen to function effectively, when you cover our face with blanket while sleeping. It disrupts the oxygen flow to the brain as you inhale more carbon dioxide than oxygen

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