Outfits to wear during summer

Blistering heat is always a common problem during summer season. So we need to choose the right attire for such climate. Since the heat makes us to sweat more and dehydrate our body which in turn resulting to giddiness and other skin problems such as itching, getting wrinkles etc.
Choose the right fabrics:
Try to choose cotton, linen and silk fabrics which helps the skin to breathe. It allows the air to flow through them. Do not use other materials such as polyester , synthetic which will not let the air to flow in.
Loose clothes:
Always wear loose clothes during summer season, this allows proper blood circulation. Tight clothes do not allow the heat to come out of the body. Wearing loose clothes helps the air to flow and dissipate the heat from the body making the skin cooler.
Light colors :
Dark color clothes absorbs all the light rays and converts them to heat which increases the temperature of the body. Where as light color reflects the light and doesn’t allow the light to get converted to heat which in turn keeps the skin cooler.
Head protection:
Cover up your head with a cap or an umbrella to protect it from sun’s harmful rays during the peak hours. Do not apply oil while going out as oil gets spread easily over the face resulting in blackheads and acne.
Sleeveless shirt:
Wearing sleeveless shirts makes you comfortable but due to harmful rays, it tans the bare body parts which are not covered. If you would like to go with sleeveless shirts, make sure you apply SPF 15 sun screen lotion to your bare body parts before stepping out of the home. Otherwise the best option is to cover your hands with full sleeve shirt.
Hair and make up:
Try to shorten your hairs during summer. Short hairs don’t allow the scalp to get dried soon and reduces the hair fall. If the hairs are long , when you sweat it won’t get drained out.
Try to avoid wearing gold and artificial ornaments during summer when going out, Ornaments react to the heat and leaves a mark on your bare body part. If the skin is too sensitive, then it can damage even more.