How to get a six pack in one month?

Everyone wants six pack nowadays, but hardly one percent would be able to achieve the results. There is a big difference in wanting and trying with proper education. People wonder by looking at the celebrities’ abs. They think it is not possible from us as they have expert dieticians and trainers to guide them.
But it’s not as hard as you think, you just need proper education in order to get a six pack abs. None of them will get six pack just by doing crunches, reverse crunches with these spot training exercises . Most of the people go wrong here, in order to get abs they start doing all these spot training exercises without knowing the procedure. They just blindly follow the trend.
So if you really want to get 6 pack please go through the following steps and ,if you do it with proper dedication and discipline, results are for sure.
1. Diet: None can get six pack without a proper diet. So let us know what all to eat and avoid. Reduce the intake of fatty foods such as ghee, oil, butter and cheese. Reduce the intake of carbs such as sugar, rice bread etc. Eat foods that is more rich in protein such as egg, broccoli, sweet potato.
2. Drink water: Water is very essential to keep the body hydrated. One has to drink atleast 4 litres of water everyday. It, not only helps in keeping the body hydrated, it also gives you clear skin. If we drink water when hungry, it reduces the intake of food which helps in controlling the food intake thus reducing the overall body fat.
3. Exercise: Now let us see how the exercises help us in getting the six pack that we are dreaming off. Unfortunately, most of the people start doing crunches , leg raises, planks and other AB related workouts without having the proper education . Before starting any spot training exercises, we need to remove the already existed fat.
In order to do that, we need to start with the cardio exercises such as running, sprinting, sandbag punching, ladder workout, aerobics etc. Once the belly fat has been removed off, then we can go for spot training such as crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises etc.
4. Crunches: Lie on your back on the floor, fold your legs where your feet should touch the floor and cross your arms . Take a deep breath , start lifting your shoulder towards the ceiling with your abdominal ,remember to exhale while you lift and slowly start inhaling and rest on the floor.
5. Leg Raises: Let the head ,legs and body are in contact with the floor. Now start slowly raising your legs without bending the knees up to 90 degrees focussing on your abdominal and wait for few seconds and then slowly start lowering your legs on the floor as you inhale.
6. Hanging leg Raises : Hold the bar closely with your palm facing at you. Start squeezing your abs by pulling the bar and raising your hips and legs towards your chest making a curl. This exercises not only strengthens your abdominal muscle but also the spine.

If you follow all these steps with dedication, determination and discipline , there is no doubt in getting the six pack in a month.