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Start training smarter with MMC technique

People often believe that body building is easy, they just need to lift heavy weights in order to grow their muscle size. Once they start training, they will realise how hard it is to grow the muscle size. They struggle to put on the quality muscle because of not having proper education.

They look at other people in the gym and try to copy them without realising whether they are doing with the proper form. If they see some bulky guy, they try to copy him and end up injuring themselves. Body building is not about lifting heavy weights. You won’t get ripped body just by lifting or increasing the weights.

You need to have proper mind muscle connection, in order to get quality muscle. If you seriously want to grow your muscle size, you need to recruit all the muscle fibres of the muscle group that you are training.

To engage all the muscle fibres, you need to focus more on the quality of repetition rather than the number of repetition.
You need to feel each and every contraction of the primary muscle that you are working on. Mind muscle connection is all about synchronisation of brain and body. Without this sync, muscle growth is not possible.

I have seen many people in the gym who just wants to lift heavy weight, actually they are not building the muscle instead feeding their ego.

Body building is an art, you need understand the body mechanism to get it ripped. It’s just not about lifting hard and eating more to build muscle. If you do not provide proper pump to the muscle group you are training on, your muscle won’t grow. For instance if you are doing a bench press of 250 lbs with poor mind muscle connection. Only 50 % of the load will be on your primary muscle, rest 50% will be on your triceps and deltoids.

Try to lift with proper MMC technique if needed you can even lower the weights to get that synchronization. There is no point in working hard, if you are not training your muscles properly. Body building is not just about getting huge size. It’s all about the proper pump to all the primary muscles that you are working by recruiting all the muscle fibres of that muscle.

Tips to develop mind muscle connection:

  1. Always do 2-3 warm upsets with light weights before starting your working sets.
  2. Focus on the targeted muscle you are working on and feel that contraction of the muscle.
  3. Focus more on the quality of repetition.
  4. Stretch your muscles in between the sets.
  5. Workout very slowly even though it drains most of your energy.
  6. Finally to conclude train smart , not hard and have that proper mind muscle connection.

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