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Digestive enzymes

Most of the people struggle to put on muscle mass even if they workout properly and take a proper diet. The reason is simple, they do not have enough enzymes in their body to breakdown the molecules that helps in absorption of nutrients. They keep repeating the same thing without understanding the core reason.
People usually believe that if they workout hard and take more protein they get muscle mass, which is not true. All the protein you intake won’t get absorbed by the body, if you don’t have enough protein enzymes. There are basically 3 types of digestive enzymes:

  • Protease Enzyme(Protein) : Protease is an enzyme which helps in breaking down of protein molecules in to amino acids. If you have less protease enzyme, your body won’t able to absorb the protein that you consume and hence decreases the muscle mass.
  • Amylase Enzyme(Carbohydrates) : It is a digestive enzyme which works on starch in the food, breaking them down to smaller molecules. This enzyme is divided in to 2 types: salivary amylase and pancreatic amylase. Salivary glands in our mouth produces salivary amylase, that helps in breaking down of starch in the food when we chew in to maltose a smaller carbohydrate. And the pancreatic amylose breaks down the molecule further in to glucose which enters the blood stream.
  • Lipase Enzyme (Fat): Lipase enzyme helps in breaking down of fat molecules in to fatty acids and glycerol.
    Let us understand the reasons of not having sufficient enzymes in our body:
  • Processed food: Now-a-days people buy processed and packed food items which doesn’t contain any enzymes. Always try to consume unprocessed foods.
  • Stress : Stress level blocks the absorption of complete nutrients in to the body. Physical stress such as lack of sleep, over exercise, hyper tension, surgery.
  • Medications : People knowingly or unknowingly fall in to this trap. Few of them made it a habit to take medications on regular basis, which affects their health at later stages. They prefer going for antibiotics and steroids for minor illness.
  • Tips to increase digestive enzymes:
  • Raw vegetables : Try to eat raw vegetables which increases salivary enzymes that helps in breaking down of larger molecules into smaller one.
  • Fruits: Eat fruits such as papaya and pinapple which has an inflammatory property.
  • Yogurt: Consume yogurt which increases the pancreatic enzymes and helps in digestion.
  • Exercise and micronutrients: Regular exercise and consumption of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

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