Benefits of collagen

Many people did not hear the word “Collagen”. It has basically come from the greek word ‘kolla’ meaning glue. Collagen is basically a kind of protein that is available in almost every part of the body such as skin, muscles, joints, bones. It is basically a type 1 protein. It helps our skin in maintaining the strength and elasticity. It also helps to replace the dead skin cells. Collagen helps in healing the wounds at faster rate. Normally, Collagen makes about 25% of protein in the human body and about 75% in the overall skin. Plump skin is the indication of abundant amount of protein in the skin. Most of the body lotions have collagen as the main ingredient.

Why should we go for Collagen supplements?
As we age, the collagen level starts decreasing from the body which results in skin sagging and wrinkles. When we apply collagen topically , it doesn’t get absorbed through the skin due to the molecular size. Hence, the best option to increase the collagen level in the body is through nutrition and supplements.

Prevention is better than cure:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Quit Drinking alcohol.
  3. Workout: one of the best ways to reduce aging process and maintain healthy level of collagen.
  4. Always have food that is low in sugar level.
  5. Increase protein intake
  6. Meditate: Meditate at least 30 minutes a day with 15 minutes each.
  7. Drink 3 liters of water daily.
  8. Cover your face and bare body parts from sun’s harmful UV rays.
  9. Don’t use products that are harsh to your skin.
  10. Protect your face from pollution and dust. Benefits of Collagen:
  11. Skin fillers:
    Collagen is used in cosmetics to fill out the wrinkles and other scars. Injecting collagen helps to improve the contours of skin.
  12. Boost metabolism:
    Increase in take of collagen can improve the over all metabolism leading by adding lean muscle mass which helps in absorption of essential nutrients.
  13. Improves leaky gut:
    When bad toxins are able to pass through the digestive system. Collagen can help in breaking down the proteins and soothes the digestive system by infusing it with amino acids and it also helps in healing the damaged cells.
  14. Skin moisture level:
    A recent experiment showed, collagen has improved the skin hydration level after measuring the skin hydration level at the end of 8 weeks.
    And another experiment that had been conducted in Uk in the year 2015, proved that continous intake of collagen supplement which contains hydrolyzed collagen, vitamins for about 4 weeks reduced the wrinkles from the skin and has improved the elasticity of the skin.
  15. Skin Revitalization:
    Cosmetic companies are trying to prove by saying their products have collagen. Despite their fake promises , the truth is collagen molecules are very big to be absorbed through the skin. However the regular consumption of collagen supplements can help to regenerate the new cells and improve in skin revitalization process.