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Tips to reduce bloating, gas and chest burn

 • Avoid using straw to drink any kind of liquids.
 • Avoid coffee, it causes indigestion amd acid reflux.
 • Better to avoid all carbonated beverages which causes bloating, gas.
 • Dont drink apple juice. Apple juice contains pectin which increases indigestion and bloating. You can eat raw apple instead as it contains fiber and releases slowly in the body.
 • Avoid packaged fruit juices as they add chemicals to preserve it for long time.
 • Have raw vegetables, fruits and salads instead of juices to avoid gas, bloating and acidity.
 • Avoid hot beverages and black tea. These will damage the microbes flora and produces gas and bloating. If you want to have tea go for herbal tea.
 • Consume less sodium packaged products. If you would like to have salt, use pink salt.
 • Regular exercise helps carrying nutrients to different parts of the body
 • Always sit with your spine straight which is very important to avoid bloating.

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