How to cure your eyesight naturally?

Nowadays most of the people are struggling with their eyesight problem. They start wearing the glasses at a very young age in order to reduce their increased sight power. Unfortunately people don’t have enough education to solve their eyesight problem. So they go to the doctor and they recommend them the glasses.

Today I am going to teach you , how to cure eyesight problem without any glasses. If you follow my diet plan and the exercises I recommend , surely you will going to solve your eyesight problem. Before proceeding further , let me tell you , these solutions are for everyone except for those kids who have this issue since their birth.

Eyes Exercises

-You need to rotate your eye ball in the clock wise and anti-clock wise direction for about 30 seconds.

-Stand tall with your back and head straight, now look at the left and right side for 15 seconds each without turning your head.

-Keep an object 10 inches far from your eyes and keep looking at it without blinking your eyes for 30 seconds and then move the object to 10 feet far and stare at it for another 30 seconds.

-Start blinking your eyes slowly for around 1 minute.

-Close your eyes for about 15 seconds and reopen it for 15 seconds, keep doing this for 5 minutes.

Head Exercise

  1. Rotate your head in circular motion and anti-clock wise for 30 seconds.
  2. Do the head up and head down for 30 seconds.
  3. Turn your head left for 15 seconds and right for 15 seconds.
  4. Lie on a bench with your head hanging outside and start rotating your head clock wise for around 30 seconds.


  1. Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  2. Avoid eating or drinking anything that comes from animals such as milk, ghee, eggs, honey.
  3. Do not eat oily foods.
  4. Stay away from bad habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking.
  5. Eat more fruits.

  • Now coming to the actually therapy, lets take for instance you have eyesight power of 2.0. You need to wear the specs which has power of 1.5. And you need to wear this 1 hour daily for about a month.
  • After a month you should stop using this glass and start wearing glasses of 1.0. As like before, you need to wear it one hour daily for another 15 days.
  • Like this if you keep on reducing the power of your glasses. You will be able to see clearly without the help of any glasses. Finally, one day you will be free from your vision problem. This method has already been tried and tested on many patients.
  • Most of them are taking the benefits from this treatment. I hope you are also wishing to get rid of those glasses. In case of severe headache while switching the glasses as you start reducing, please use the power which was best suited for you previously for couple of days more in order to avoid head- ache. Later, you can continue again by reducing further once you have recovered from the head-ache.