How to keep your heart healthy?

Now a days most of the people are suffering from heart disease. It could be either heart attack or a cardiac arrest. Let’s understand what is heart attack? When there is a shortage in flow of oxygen rich blood to the heart muscle, the muscle starts getting injured and eventually it dies, if not treated before it is completely damaged.
The main reason for not getting oxygen rich blood to the heart muscle is blockage in the coronary artery. And this happens due to the bad life style that we follow on every day basis. Any person can get affected by heart attack but as per the current survey, people who are above 45 in case of men and 55 in case of women are more in number who have been affected by heart attack. The reason is quite simple, as we age our body immunity starts reducing. When we fail to engage in physical activities and less concerned about our diet. The body is not capable of resisting it. Heart attack usually occurs in people who have diabetes or blood pressure or who has tremendous ` stress and also bad diet such as eating oily food, drinking alcohol etc.
Steps to follow to have healthy heart :
1. Regular physical work out or exercise :
One should engage in cardio exercises at least 15 minutes every day such as jogging, running, cycling or swimming. This pumps the blood throughout the body and gives enough oxygen rich blood supply to all the muscles. And it also burns the unwanted fat accumulated in the body as well.
2. Healthy diet:
As there is a saying “we are what we eat”. So one should give very much importance to the food they eat. Almost all the diseases are just because of food. People are going with tasty food rather that quality food. They are spoiling their health seeking temporary pleasures. If you want to stay healthy eat food that are rich in protein and vitamins and reduce taking carbohydrates and fats.
3. Stress or Hypertension:
Stress is one of the major concern now a days due to bad life style. People started worrying so much for no reason , some people stress their mind in such a way that brain starts starving in search of oxygen. It starts accumulating the endorphins chemical which in turn increases the blood pressure.
4. Meditation:
There is a simple technique called “Meditation”. People find it difficult to inculcate in their day to day life. This is the only method to release pressure and lead as stress free life. Every one has to do meditation for at least half an hour a day. People often have a misconception regarding the meditation. They think that meditation means we should concentrate and there should not be any thoughts. Actually meditation is not avoiding thoughts, it’s focusing on their breath while they inhale and exhale. They can do it any time and it’s not compulsory that you need to sit and meditate. You can meditate at any place and any time by observing your breath.