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How to stop hair fall ?

Most of the people in today’s generation are facing hair fall problem. There are so many reasons for hair fall apart from genetics. If your parents or grand parents went bald at very younger age, there are more chances of you going bald at early age. And the other factors affecting hair fall are dust, pollution, improper handling of hair, bad habits, bad diet, less hair wash and stress. So we got to know the reasons which are affecting us. So let’s see how we can overcome all of these factors:

If you are experiencing severe hair fall which results in going bald at very younger age. The main reason is genetics. It could be because, you have inherited it from your parents or grand parents. In this case, there are very less chances of controlling it. But, however if you take precautionary measures before going bald, you can control the severity of the hair fall.

  1. Improper Handling:
    Many of them still don’t know the methods to handle their hairs. Let’s see one by one:
    • Most of them even today don’t know that, rubbing their hairs when they are wet results in hair loss. They keep rubbing their hairs with the towel to dry them up quickly after a head bath.
    • Pollution is one of the major cause for hair loss. Due to pollution, the dust blocks up the oil glands, resulting in reduction of the sebum in the scalp. When the sebum is decreased the scalp goes dry which leads to hair fall.
    •Using other person’s towel in the lodge or at home leads to hair fall. Usually at hotel or lodge, people come from various parts of the world, some might have skin disease, or scalp disorders. When you use their towels , you end up losing yours hairs and you won’t even be able to diagnose the problem.
    • People use hair dryers to dry their hairs, this could also results in hair loss. If you want to dry them up with the hair dryers , keep it half feet away from your hairs and keep it in a normal mode, do not raise the temperature of the hair dryer.
    •Do not use local hair dyes to colour your hairs, people often try to save their money and go with a cheaper products that could lead to hair loss. Many of them don’t even have any idea about ammonium present in it. Ammonium is a chemical that is present in the hair colours, which helps the colour to go deep in to the scalp. So always ask the salon person if you are going for hair colour . If you are working it at home then check out the contents on the package before purchasing it.
    • Using harsh chemical based shampoos. Chemical based shampoos have acid in them, which removes the dirt quickly. But, it not only removes the dirt from the hairs, It removes all the oil from the scalp making the scalp go dry. When the scalp goes dry, we start experiencing the problems like dandruff and hair fall.
  2. Nourishment:
    People tend to forget that hairs need nourishment. It dries up soon when you go out. So it has to be taken care by deep conditioning it. So let’s see the various ways of conditioning it:
    • Coconut Oil:
    Heat the coconut oil and leave it to for sometime until it’s warm. Do not pour the hot oil directly on to the scalp, you might damage the hair follicles. Pour the warm oil on the scalp, leave it to spread all over the scalp, then gently massage the scalp in a circular motion and also make sure that oil reaches till the end of each hair strand and then wear a shower cap. After half an hour wash it with a mild shampoo which is chemical free. You can also leave it for over night for completely nourishment. You can apply it at night and leave it till morning and then wash it off with a mild shampoo or herbal shampoo following a conditioner in the end if your hairs are too dry in nature.

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