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Remove water Retention and get shredded quickly

You might have heard people saying they have a bloated stomach, swelling hands or legs. Do you know what it is? That’s the water retention in the body in the form of a puffy skin.
As we all know that, body stores excessive calories as fat. The same way body stores excessive fluid as water and ions. Ions are basically charged particles which circulates inside the body doing various functions.
Our body is made up of 60% of water which is good though. But it is pretty easy to get bloated and puffy skin due to water retention in certain areas. Puffy skin is a layer of water between your muscles and the skin. And if you want to get those abdominal muscles to appear, it is not as easy as you think, even though you have less body fat.
Before we find ways to get rid of water weight or water retention. Let’s understand the reason for water retention in the body. High intake of salt(sodium) holds the water in the body without allowing it through the excretion process. So always consume less salt in your daily meals.
There are few different ways to lose water weight :

  1. Cardio
    Daily 30 minutes of cardio is a great way to sweat water weight and burn body fat. Water gets out in the form of sweat.
  2. Exercises
    Workouts are the best way to get rid of excessive water retention. Since it increases the body temperature soon and allows the water to evaporate in the form of a coolant or sweat. Normally, it would be an average of 1-2 litres of water loss during an hour of high intensity workout.
  3. Drink enough water
    Drinking more water flushes out your kidneys and entire digestive system. It also hydrates the body and brain by improving the metabolism function. Drinking more water helps in faster excretion by releasing water, hence it drops water retention.
  4. Electrolytes
    These are the minerals which hold electric charge such as magnesium and potassium. They help in regulating the water balance. Consumption of electrolytes is very much necessary since our body loses lots of minerals in the form of water excretion.
  5. Stress
    Stress has direct impact on the body. It increases the cortisol level. Cortisol is a steroid hormone, allowing it to increase, makes the body to hold more water, thus increases water weight.
  6. Good sleep
    Sleep is also one of the major cause for water retention. When we sleep, our body puts toxins out of the brain. Hence, it is very much necessary to have around 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Good sleep increases the hydration levels and reduces the water retention.
  7. Tanning
    Tanning helps to get rid of water retention by throwing water out in the form of sweat. But make sure you use good SPF in order to stay safe from harmful rays.
  8. Salt
    Body needs around 2000-2500mg of sodium on a daily basis. Exceeding this may cause water retention in the body. Always have control on your salt intake and consume spices such as garlic, ginger and fresh vegetables.

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