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How to get clear and glowing skin?

We often wonder when we look at the celebrities skin and dream to get that clear and glowing skin like them. It is possible to get that glow and clear skin. As you all know they have the professional dieticians, doctors and fitness guru’s. In case of common man it’s not an easy task to maintain such a life style.
But, no need to worry. Today, we will help you to get that flawless skin with our secret mantra. Trust and follow it to see the results.

1. Cleansing the skin

Most of the people don’t know their skin type. They wash it often to get that clear skin and glow. But before cleansing your face, it’s important to know the type of your skin. If your skin is oily in nature, you can wash it 4 to 5 times a day. If it’s dry skin, you can wash it once or twice and if your skin is normal, you can cleanse it 2 to 3 times a day. While cleansing your face, please take care of the face wash you are using. Use a mild face wash so that it doesn’t remove the natural oil produced by the skin completely. After applying face wash, use circular movements.

2. Drinking plenty of water

Everyone should understand that our body is made up of 15% water. So in order to flush the toxins and stay hydrated. Drink 500ml per 10kg of your body weight. For instance if your body weight is 60 kg, you need to drink 3 litres of water per day at least to be hydrated and get that clear skin.

3. Pimple

Today, many of us don’t know the exact reasons for the cause of pimples. If you want to live a pimple free life, don’t keep touching your face with uncleaned hands. Pimples are more common in people who have oily and greasy skin. In this case, please make sure you wash it often.

4. Toning

Remember, after every wash you need to tone your skin to maintain the PH level of your skin. To do that, you need to moisturise your skin after every wash. And don’t forget to apply SPF scream before going out in the sun.

5. Diet

The last and not the least , diet plays a major role. Eat more green and leafy vegetables, have enough fruits. Stay away from oily and fast foods.

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