Smart Solutions Fitness How to get rid of back pain?

How to get rid of back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common problem in recent days. There would be many reasons for getting back pain. We will look into each and every symptom and how to treat them.

1. Obesity

People started eating junk food such as pizza, burger and other oily food from the streets and they have stopped working out. This is the reason for increase in weight, which in turn leads to back pain.

2. Lifting weights

Lifting heavy weights with improper positions. Most common reason for youngsters getting back pain is : Improper handling of heavy weights in the gym. They keep increasing the weights without proper education in order to increase their muscle size. So please know your limits and workout .

3. Bad postures

Most of the people unknowingly sit in a bad posture, this results in lower back pain. They don’t sit with their spinal cord straight. They always bend their upper back , which strains the spinal cord resulting in lower back pain.
Examples of postures: Improper Bending, Pushing heavy object, Pulling heavy object , sitting down with same posture for longer periods, Long bike rides without break.
Rest: When you sense the back pain, you should avoid stressing your back. You should give your back , the rest it needs so that it heals. When you give enough rest even the damaged root starts healing.
Please be aware that if you continue to stress your back even after knowing the symptoms of back pain. You might damage your back severely.
Treatments: If you are unable to bear the pain, you can go for Ice packs or heat packs. This will temporarily give relief and reduces the pain.
Medication: After trying all the home remedies, still if the pain persists. Go for medications, however, it doesn’t cure the back problem. It just temporarily reduces the inflammation by disconnecting the transmission of signal to the brain.
Permanent Solutions: Identifying the symptoms at very early stage and treating it properly. Eat healthy food which comprises more of protein and workout regularly. Do not forget to stretch your back after every hour if you are sitting in the same posture and after every workout as well. Avoid wrong postures. Keep an eye on your weight.

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