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How to get V-shape body?

Almost all the teenagers desire to get v shaped body but it is not so easy as it looks. Have you ever wondered, how do we get V shape by working out at gym? If so here is the answer you are looking out for.  when you workout for your back and lower abs, it burns down the fat  that has been surrounded around your waist. So when the fat is burnt completely, you will get a thin waist. And when you start working out for the upper part of your body such as lats (i.e  also known as wings) it broadens your upper part . So when you check out the over all body, it looks like V-shape.
Basically there are 5 core exercise to get the V-shape body. Let’s understand each one of them.
1. Chin ups:                                                                                                              This is an ultimate exercise which gives maximum strength to your back. This exercise has to be be performed in 4 sets with a reps of 15,12,10 & 10 each. To perform this exercise, you need to hold the single bar shoulder width apart and start pulling it, till your chin touches the bar.
2. Dead Lifts:                                                                                                            This should be done with proper care as it might injure your back, if it’s done improperly. It has to be done in 4 sets  with reps of 12, 10, 10 & 8 increasing the weights gradually. To perform this exercise, bend your knees keeping your back straight and hold the barbell with shoulder width apart, then start getting up till you stand straight without bending your back. Hold the barbell in this position for about 5 seconds then repeat the same process as per the reps mentioned above. This exercise gives enough thickness to your lower back  and strengthens it along with your legs.
3. Lat Pull Down:                                                                                                          This exercise is best suitable for beginners as they don’t have enough strength to do the chin up’s or pull up’s. You can hold that bar with wider grip and start squeezing the bar, till it reaches your chest. You need to place your leg below the leg lock in order to avoid vertical motion. Keep increasing the weights with each set depending on your capacity. This has to be done in 5 sets with reps of 20, 15, 12, 10 and 10.
4. Single hand Dumbell rows:                                                                                        You need to stand straight holding the Dumbell in right hand then placing your left leg knee on the bench. Lean forward and pull the Dumbell back as much as you can so that it squeezes your back. Similarly repeat this for the left hand, keeping the right leg knees on the bench and leaning forward, pull back the dumbbell with your left hand with full range motion so that it squeezes your back. This exercise gives intense strength to your back. Remember you need to increase the weights as you complete each set of exercise. This has to be done in 4 sets with reps of 15,12, 10 and 10 each.

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